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  1. Disconnection of gas cylinder, telephone and other utility services
  2. And collect deposits If any.
  3. Finalize and confirm packing and pick up dates.
  4. Finalize packing agency
  5. Recheck and confirm relocation plans, finalize temporary and permanent accommodation
  6. Collect all items lent and return borrowed items
  7. Prepare and keep yourself free for having dinner with friend and relatives as you will be invited by those near & dear
  8. Take NOC from RTO for vehicles
  9. Transfer your bank accounts
  10. Inform postal dept. / neighbors regarding your new address and letters to be redirected to new address
  11. Empty and defrost refrigerator and air-out 8 Hrs. before packing
  12. Finish packing personal effects and keep aside your valuables
  13. Keep travelers cheque, tickets and credits cards at convenient place for easy access
  14. Keep yourself free to be with packing team while the job is on
  15. Check whether destination address is correct
  16. Before leaving home check that all the taps, switches, windows are closed and nothing is left
  17. Lock before leaving
  18. Select a simple and light breakfast for the day of leaving
  19. Inform friends & relatives the date finalized for packing & moving


  1. Search for a house with good water facility and other utilities as per your requirement
  2. Call packer and give him your contact number and address to arrange door delivery
  3. Be present at the time when your shipment arrives at your doorstep
  4. Check condition of all the items received and make a note in writing if any items are missing or damaged
  5. Arrange for connection of telephone and gas connection
  6. Check your bank account
  7. Arrange for house maid, The Milk Man and Newspaper vendor Etc.
  8. Introduce yourself to the neighbors
  9. Start collecting important contact numbers
  10. Try for the admissions of your children in school / colleges